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This wiki site is an addition to the Beckhoff support on EtherCAT. It is especially made for the connection between EtherCAT and MATLAB xPC.



EtherCAT makes it possible to I/O data over ethernet. You can buy different terminals to connect sensors and regulate control signals.

Getting started

The EtherCAT EK1100 coupler signal input needs to be connected with an ethernet cable (a crossed cable or switch will not work) into the ethernet card of your pc. The coupler supply and input for power contact needs to be connected to 24 VDC. All other terminals can be inserted after the coupler and connected as described in the Beckhoff support per terminal.

Beckhoff supplies software to control the EtherCAT system, called TwinCAT (available in 30 days trail version). The ET9000 EtherCAT configurator is a free variant of this software and is used in this wiki page. Further tips on the Beckhoff software can be found here: EtherCAT configurator.

The EtherCAT system can be connected to MATLAB xpc, described in EtherCAT xpc

Comments per terminal

In this section some extra comments per terminal are described:






Status_4096 issue

Status_4097 issue

Maxon EPOS3

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